Doris Station Selection Committee

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Colocated Permanent sites

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Complete DORIS proposals: Site Survey Forms and Documentation

  1. New Caledonia form photo Contact: Calmant
  2. Wettzell, Germany form Contact: Schlueter
  3. Chile(TIGO) form e-mail Contact: Schlueter
  4. O'Higgins,Antarctica form Contact: Schlueter
  5. Czech Republic form, various pictures Contact: Kostelecky
  6. Brussels form, e-mail, Attach1, Attach2 Contact: Warnant
  7. Spainform: word document pdf Contact: Davila
  8. Crete form Contact: Mertikas
  9. AUSLIG email Contact: Govind
  10. Svetloe, Russia form Photo, Photo, Photo, Photo Contact: Zinovy Malkin

Incomplete proposals

  1. Antarctica (AUSLIG/Melbourne)
  2. Iran e-mail, jpg, pdf Contact: Nilforou
  3. Northwestern India. Contact: Vinod Gaur.

Original DORIS Site Proposals

We would welcome new group members, particularly from these areas:

Recent DORIS results

Altimeter Tracks

We would welcome proposals from these areas:


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